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EgyptGizaCotton.com a mark of excellence and superior quality in Extra Long Staple Cotton and Long Staple Cotton - medium staples.

  • Cotton spinners all over the globe who produce fine strong core yarns of NE 60''s, 80''s can rely on GIZA 86, Ne100''s upto finest yarn produced ever use GIZA 88 and GIZA 70, plus our splended GIZA 45.

  • Professional yarn producers who seek spinability, profitabilty and fame rely on GIZA cotton.

  • 3000 years B.C. Giza Pyramids were constructed.

  • Learn More about EDCO Cotton Company''s 50 years experience as a cotton trader.

Today 10 cotton varieties are forming famous EgyptGizaCotton.com Website.


Your visit to our web will empower you with offers, prices, adequate market survey for long staple cotton and giza cotton of all varieties.






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